everything is everything

i am talking to you. 
yes, you. 
you who. 
keep sayin' you broke. keep sayin' you can't. can't keep up with this life thing. this job thing. this not living my dream thing. this i thought it was love thing. th ese kids thing. this you don't understand thing. this i ain't got the strength thing. this rent gotta get paid never own my own house thing. these always a bill, but never a check thing. this constantly checking my account thing. this all i got is nothing thing. this bitter/cutting/coveting. look at them thing. this break until you bleed and cry thing. this i don't believe in god/GOD, so move on don't tell me no/thing. universe don't see me/never loved me thing. i am battling/struggling. trying desperately not to look at the mirror thing. too many shadows following me thing. don't talk to me. nothing but rocks at my feet thing. keep walking. there is no use in trying to carry/encourage me thing. you can't reach me, so don't touch me thing. 
i can't/don't want to keep reading so stop writing. 
you don't know me thing. 
you can't see me. can't see anything, much less myself thing. 
whoever she is. 
he is. 
they is. 
we is. 
everything. lies in the power of the tongue. does your tongue lie to you? mine does me. 
you who. curse your own beauty daily. 
afraid to manifest/look back. 
see the butterfly journey. 
cry when ain't nobody looking. 
break down like box. folding/protecting. 
get this money. tick-tock. 
get them before they get me. let's rock. 
entertain me. 
with slick talk. 
likes/commenting on my pics/body/backside. 
backslide. social mediocrity. 
pills swallowing. smoke and mirrors inhaling. 
drink and drink. to stop and stop. the thinking. 
do any and every thing. 
to stop the pain/stay sane. 
keep them from coming. for me. 
can't keep up with the numbering. 
keep them coming.
no such thing as seedling. 
becoming tree thing. 
without cry/watering.
without withstanding. 
without thundering. wind-blowing. 
without sand/sun-shining. 
no such thing as crowning. 
without roots/sacrificing. 
things we go/grow through. 
healing. even in hell thing.
shall inside of shelling. 
leaning without loving. 
everything is everything. 

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