"The job of the poet is to speak the language of the heart to the people." - Victor di Suvero

Thats exactly what Natasha Carrizosa does with her poetry. She speaks the language of the heart. 

- Karleigh Norris  twitter: @itsjustkarleigh



Natasha Carrizosa is an amazing teacher, poet, motivator with an incredible ability to connect with young people. Her passion, spirit, and massive talent leave an indelible mark on all those who have the pleasure of interacting with her. 


- Tonya Waller

University of Kansas GEAR UP Topeka, Director

insta: @tchez1971


I have had the pleasure of watching Natasha Carrizosa make poetry come alive for my students. She has inspired them with her words and taught them with her wisdom. I don't know of any better way to teach the raw power of poetry than to introduce young people to Ms. Carrizosa.


- Jarrod Swint, High School English Teacher  



Natty is a beacon of light, love, peace, and fire. Her voice soothes my spirit, and her words impact my soul. In short, Natasha Carrizosa is a bad mutha 'shut yo mouth!'


- Shanna Nwachukwu

insta: sha_nanaigans 


Sometimes we have feelings that others cannot understand. You help young writers, like me, get their feelings onto paper. 

- Chris Nielsen, young poet/student